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Kim Bum will be doing a soft drink commercial with Maja Salavador, a local actress (and from a showbiz clan) in the Philippines…Will they have also scenes like what Lee Min Ho and Sandara did? I wonder what will be the concept…

maja s and  kimbum from

thanks to wandergirlPH

another from kyungmin78:

from BOFPh–Kim Bum’s interview at Elive!
kimbum elive guesting bofph fansday with kimbum^^


Nokia 5800 XM Image/Video Gallery Bug

by kiroshafeek

Users of Nokia 5800 express music (a touch phone of the Finnish company) may have experienced the gallery bug on their unit, wherein you can’t see the images or videos stored on the memory card by just pressing the image shortcut icon, but instead you need to go to the phone’s file manager in order to see the files. What a hassle! I got the latest firmware update on my phone but sadly it didn’t cure the disease.

There’s a trick wherein you can see the images/videos on the gallery. If you take a snapshot using your phone, then immediately go to the gallery, then viola the images/videos will be seen without even going to the file manager. But that’s just temporary. After a while if you exit the gallery, then click the image icon, you will not see again the images/videos from the memory card.

This bug may happen if you transfer files using your pc to your phone even using the proper software. I noticed that I got some weird files with weird extensions on my sound files under the “tones” of my memory card and I just can’t delete it–but it is not a virus.

Some songs are not added also to my music library. hmp!

Well, I sent an email to nokia, and the customer rep’s advice was for me to do a format, by pressing the *#7370# – the soft reset. I saw on forums too that this is what they did in order to remove the gallery bug.

So what I did was, I did a back-up of my phone/memory card using the nokia pc suite (everything, from settings, I just ticked/checked all the choices). Then I did the soft reset. Nothing. The bug is still present. Then I did the hard format/reset, by pressing the green, red, camera and power button at the same time. Then after that, the phone will let you choose your country. I did format my memory card too.

Then after the formatting is done, I installed my back up files using the PC suite again. Then, I reinstall my firmware again.

And yes, the image/video icon is now working. I can see all the pictures and videos from my memory card without going to the file manager. And the weird looking file with weird extensions are now gone. Plus, when I received a bluetooth file, if it a song , it is added automatically to my music library which did not work before. My dictionary is now working too.

I could have brought it to the nokia center because it is still under warranty, but sometimes you want to try to solve things on your own first, and I’m just glad that it did work for me.

I hope I’ll not experience this bug again. And I hope too that Nokia will release a new firmware with kinetic scrolling for nokia 5800 or a nice update.

PS. The 8GB memory card that comes with the unit is really buggy. You can buy another mmc if you do not want your files to be corrupted.

Are u with Team JR or Team Dave?

Tayong Dalawa, a Filipino drama, seen on ABS-CBN, will finally end after nine months on the air.

What really caught me on watching the show was their military inspired theme, how things work out in the Philippine Military Academy. But I was never able to watch the whole show due to my work and busy schedule.

And now, fans of the said show have Team JR which is for JR/David Garcia Jr. portrayed by Gerald Anderson and their is also the Team Dave which is for the twin of JR who is Dave and named as David Garcia Jr. too acted by Jake Cuenca. These two guys fell in love with the same girl Audrey played by Kim Chiu. JR and Dave didn’t know that they were siblings or that they were twins while growing up. And that is one of the highlights of the show.

Right now, Audrey married JR after learning that she was not really married to Dave (huh! what a twist).

I really don’t like that Audrey will end up with JR because I don’t want that the twins will have another rift, but sadly that’s what the writers and the directors wanted.

And there is also their other brother Ramon played by Coco Martin, the crook but cute guy who is into smuggling of guns and helping the terrorists. Ramon is one of the nice characters that helped the show to what is it today, as well as the roles of Lola Gets, Marlene, Ingrid, and the other supporting casts.

The show has also proved that the team up of Kim and Gerald will always be a best seller as to what happened also to their Sana’y Maulit Muli, the Filipino remake of the Korean drama MY Girl and their Your Song.

As for who will win in the end, I am for Dave whether what will happen to him. TEAM DAVE! Although I like Ramon too, maybe I can have two teams. As for Audrey, I want her dead on the show, lol. It will be more dramatic, but I don’t think it will happen coz the Kimeralds will not like it.

Tayong Dalawa is one of the best shows this 2009.

Noynoy for President!

Today, September 9, 2009–that is 090909, will it be a lucky 9 for Noynoy Aquino in the upcoming Presidential election in the Philippines?

Senator Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino III declared today at Club Filipino that he will run for President on 2010 election after Senator Mar Roxas stepped down as a Presidential candidate. With the latest survey, Mar’s chances of winning for president is very slim compared to Senator Manny Villar, but things may change soon. Maybe that is why their political party chose Noynoy to be their standard bearer because of the good background of Noynoy’s Parents–his dad being a national hero and her mom, the former president of the Philippines who helped brought back democracy peacefully to the country through People Power after more than 20 years under martial law. His dad and mom is loved by some Filipinos, and they want to channel this love into votes for Noynoy.

But, will Noynoy make it? Yes, they came from a rich clan, but will the clan support him? For he said there are minimal funds for his candidacy and his party believes that the people will unite for his candidacy to push thru, and I hope it will.

I was rooting for the following Presidentiables:

*Kabayan Noli de Castro,
*Senator Lacson ( I believed in him)–but he backed out due to luck of funds and other matters,
*Senator Chiz (he is my number 1 senator on the last election in my ballot)—but I think he is not yet ready for President.
* Mayor Binay of Makati–I was happy with what he has accomplished for Makati. If Philippines will be like Makati, that will be a nice one.

And now, Noynoy comes into the picture, and my choices as of now will be:
1. Noynoy
2. Binay
3. Kabayan

Although I am uncertain if Noynoy will be able to deliver but as of now he is the better choice. I hope he will answer also the problems of the farmers and tenants of the Hacienda Luisita and the other agricultural problems…

As a Filipino, I’d like to see a reform not just for the rich and able but for everyone…