This coming 2010 elections in the Philippines, as of now things are being clearer for me as a voter…my choice is Senator Noy-noy for President and Makati Mayor Binay for Vice President. Why? Eventhough they are from different parties, I like their individuality, and their stand. I never went straight voting for a single party. I don’t like Mar. He does not appeal to me in any aspect. Chiz was my number 1 senator on the last election. But now, Chiz is full of negativity, he is always saying negative things. He is full of flowery words, why not just say it straight? I don’t like speeches that is similar to feature articles or writings. Loren Legarda and Joseph
Estrada are a big NO- NO! Loren has two faces. Well that is what politics is, changing sides. As for Erap, this is not a movie that needs a sequel. Philippines does not need gamblers. We need concrete plans. And Manny Villar, I think if he will win his businesses will always be on his lists of priority.

I hope Filipinos will be able to choose the right President, not just based on emotions…Let us pray for the future of our country.