Congratulations to the small boy with a great voice for bagging the first Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT) winner. Jovit Baldivino, a 16-year-old guy, who used to sell Siomai to help his family won on June 13, 2010. As any Got Talent show, different acts were performed for the finals. There were contestants who sang, dance, performed magic tricks and some entertaining stuff. But it was Jovit who nailed it with almost 50% of the text votes from the people  hailing him as the winner. Jovit was noticed by the Filipinos when he sang Journey’s Faithfully, his voice sound like Arnel’s. He was likened to the new frontman of the band Arnel Pineda, who is also a Filipino and with rags to riches story.

He did some nice cover of Europe’s Carrie and Queen’s Too Much Love Will Kill you for his performance on the semifinals and the finals respectively. As an old school lover, I’d say his renditions are okay. Although nothing beats the original, but dude this little boy got some lungs! Nice voice I mean :).

Alakim’s magic tricks performance and The Velasco Brothers dance moves were also fantastic, but too bad the votes were not for them.

Jovit will need some overhauling if he wants to make it big in showbusiness. It is not just pure talent that will deliver success, but everything has to fall in its right place.

Goodluck Boy and hope you will make it!

thanks to the uploaders:

(audition of Jovit: Journey’s Faithfully)

(semifinals performance: Europe’s Carrie)

(Finals: Queen’s Too Much Love Will Kill You)