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Rolando Mendoza’s Bus Hostage Taking

Last night was the breaking news of all breaking news since the recent election was over in the Philippines. Almost all Filipinos were tuned in to the live coverage of different TV networks on the Manila bus siege by a former policeman named Rolando Mendoza, a man who has been an outstanding policeman in the Philippines. He was upset that he will not be able to receive any retirement benefits after decades of working as a policeman. He and others were involved in some situations were his benefits were cut off then. He wants to be reinstated on the police work so that he can get the benefits, for him and for his family.

So why did he do that? Why the tourist bus? Because it is the only way to get the attention of the people he wanted to talk to. But things did not go his way, 9 people died during last night’s hostage crisis. And he is to be blame for that. People like him during those times are not on their right minds. They are very emotional and fearful of what is to come. The fact that the bus they were on has a TV set wherein he can watch what is going on outside the bus because of the media coverage, just triggered his hell’s bells. And seeing his brother captured by the police thinking that his brother is also his accomplice, just released the beast in him.
What could have been done by the authorities was to have a good negotiator. Sadly, there was none. The government could have talk to Mendoza about his desires and thus preventing what happened yesterday. And God! Is that the SWAT team of the Philippines? I was embarrassed of what they have done (maybe they should have watch those military/rescue movies so that they can pick some hints on how to do it well :)). They did not act as an elite force, they are just bunch of neophytes. They need more training. Also, they just don’t lack the knowledge, they are in need of gadgets and equipment for that kind of operation.

And now because of this, Philippines is on the negative side. Hongkong placing a travel ban to our country is not a good sign, but they have a point. They need to warn their people about the hazards that they may encounter just like what happened last night. This is a bad start for the Aquino administration, and where was Mr. President last night? What did his officials do? Did they just sleep or formulated a haphazard rescue plan? They could have shot Mendoza with a tranquilizer during the early hours of the hostage taking. They could have coordinated with the TV news crew to stop the live broadcast. And they could have put a police line so that those bystanders will not be near the area! So much has to be done to the police force. I bet this is an awakening for them.

Sometimes we really need heroes just like what we saw on movies. Too bad there is no Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock riding on yesterday’s bus. We can only wish. I just hope that Philippines will be able to overcome the bad effects caused by this hostage crisis. And after the turmoil of last night’s scene grabber, I’m just glad of what Venus Raj accomplished. For me, it is already a “major, major”Ā  feat to be the 5th beautiful woman on the planet. Although she could have given a better answer. But hey, Ms. Raj and Mendoza are just human—bound to make mistakes just like any of us. And there’s a bit of Mendoza in every race, too bad we can’t stop the other race thinking that all Filipinos are like him. We can only grieve.

sometimes, I wish super heroes really do exist šŸ˜¦
sometimes, I wish super heroes really do exist (ty for a friend for this image)


The Search is Not Yet Over Tiger

I’m currently having an LSS again and this time it is not a new song. It is from the 80’s live version of one of the greatest rock bands of that era—the Survivor. I was into my abc’s during their heyday, but last year and the couple of years back, 80’s song just stuck with me.Ā  Last year I was into Skid Row (where I got my name), Guns N Roses and Bon Jovi.Ā  These were the major old school bands that got me hooked. But there are also of 80’s band that I like. I remembered last year that my hard drive was full of 80’s songs and videos *sick me :D* I was into the era that I felt I breathed metal, leather pants, big and long hair—but i never went into following their style :),Ā  just love their songs. And now when I’m sad or I just want to relax,Ā  I play some of my fave songs from the 80’s —and right now, the Search is Over by Survivor is my fave, lol. It is even my ringtone now. That is how I super like the song :D.

Survivor is not really my fave band, but I like their Eye of the Tiger and the Search is Over. For the Eye of the Tiger, I love Dave Bickler’s version than Jimi Jamison’s, but for the Search is Over —Jimi Jamison nailed it (of course it was during his time that this song was made). Don’t forget the awesome guitar prowess of Frankie Sullivan on the Eye of the Tiger. It is almost equivalent to Slash’s guitar solo on Sweet Child O’ Mine for GNR.Ā  Survivor is a kick ass band! Who can forget the Baywatch theme and the Moment of Truth from Karate Kid—classic show and movie with great classic songs from one of the greatest band of all times—Survivor.

Here are someĀ  vids (thanks to the uploaders) that I went gaga before : A trip down to the memory lane, back in the 80’s where singers and front man can really sing and can command the audienceĀ  no matter what their fashion is. They rock—80’s rocks! SometimesĀ  I wish that these rock icons will not become old but that is next to impossible.Ā  If you look at their faces, they have these aging lines already and they can’t hit the notes that they used to do :(. At least they have given us great songs.

*Survivor’s the Search is Over with Jimi Jamison–this is my ringtone šŸ˜€

*Eye of the Tiger with Dave Bickler–became my ringtone too, lol (love the beret also)

*Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger with Jimi Jamison– live in japan where he forgot some lines šŸ˜€

~~~it is Happy Summerscroll’s anniversary, congrats guys!

It’s Friday the 13th! And guess who’s here? It’s not those monsters or evil creatures on movies lurking on dark streets, but it’s Happy Summerscroll’s First Year Anniversary on WordPress. Isn’t that sweet :D?

This used to be a one-man blog, but since I get busy sometimes I decided to put some mates on board. I’m just happy that this ship of ours is still alive after a year. Imagine, we are a year older! I never really thought that this site will still thrive. But, hey we are still on the line. I know that some friends of mine are busy with their own sites, but still they find sometime to visit here. I’m also busy with other sites, work and still trying to figure out what will I do with my life, urgh! *dilemma galore.* Added to that, I got thousands of things to read. So little time and so much to do.

To my team mates, Happy Anniversary! Hoping that we still be able to blog and share what is in our hearts. I love you all. And to our visitors, thank you for dropping by. YOU add anotherĀ  flag to our counter,Ā  rofl —7,066 page views! We just love you. *hugs and kisses to all*

New Firmware for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is 51.0.006

For the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic users out there, the s60 5th edition touch screen of Nokia has now a new firmware— 51.0.006 . With this new firmware comes the new update for the following:

  • Improved Mail for Exchange
  • Improved video calls
  • Improved browser
  • Performance improvements

You can update your device by pressing *#0000# then press options then check for updates and then follow the instructions. Just to be sure, you need to have a fully charged battery to avoid problems that will arise (like your phone being bricked :)) . You can also update using your laptop/pc (with internet) and the ovi suite.

With this new firmware,I think,Ā  in the coming days there will be those new cfw’s that will be available for those who are fond of jailbreaking their phones :).

Philippines Travel Ban to Iraq

Is this the right time to lift the Philippines travelĀ  ban to Iraq? Right now, the Filipinos working there in Iraq will have at most 90 days before they will be coming home to the Philippines—that is if the travel ban will not be removed. It was in 2004 when a Filipino truck driver was kidnapped when the Philippine government decided to put the ban. The MuslimĀ  country that time was at war.Ā  However, after more than 5 years,Ā  the situation in Iraq right now is different compared before. Maybe it is time for the Philippine President, Pnoy, to talk with his advisers about assessing theĀ  Philippines stand on Iraq and OFWs. These OFWs working in American bases in Iraq entered illegally the war-torn country even there was a travel ban in their passport. They are risking their lives their in order to help provide and support their family in the Philippines. Some of them are into construction and housekeeping. If they will go home, they will just be one of those who will add to the growing statistics of unemployed Filipinos. And with the government offering a meager amount of Php 10,000 as a help to them—well, it is too small compared to what they are earning there…”barya lang yan,” as what an overseas worker said.

The Philippines should send a delegate to Iraq now and assess the situation there, talk to the Filipinos and listen to them. Of course, we want them safe–but their desire to help and earn for their families is way too big that they are willing and taking the risks. Also, according to them they are well treated by their employers.
Pnoy act now! Your BOSSES needs you.