I was searching for something on the net yesterday for my article about the different aircraft of the Philippine Air Force (PAF). Then I stumbled on the different articles related to PAF. It seemed that I took a refresher course on World War II especially the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing— those fighter aircraft, war ships and those soldiers who died for their country. It was really saddening to see the destruction and death caused by war. So many people died, civilian, young and old, women and children—always the casualty of war, nothing and no one was spared.

I have seen movies (made by Hollywood) where the Americans were always the protagonist and what can we expect as the antagonist? Well, other races of course! They are usually the Russians, Germans, Arabs, Japanese/Chinese to lead the enemies of the Americans. Was there a movie that the Iranian and North Korean government fighting  together against the Americans? Maybe I need to search that, hmmm, if there is…

Well, the Philippines and the United States share some history during the World War and before that—the latter occupied the archipelago when the Japanese were still here. That is why Filipinos got a mix feature—from the Spanish conquerors, Japanese and the Americans, and not to forget the Chinese neighbors who frequent the Philippines for trading. We have been slaves by these conquerors, but that is all in the past. It is time to move on and just bury the suffering of  our ancestors. Let us just move forward as Walt Disney wanted :).

Getting back to the article that I was supposed to write, I was able to visit  the website of the US Air Force (my first time actually to click that site). And boy! My attention was caught by their tag line (a slogan, or a battle cry maybe or whatever they call it) “It’s not Science fiction. It’ s what we do everyday” ~US Air Force, I’d say it is impressive and quite a line from a Hollywood movie. But it is true; US Air Force is one of the best Air Force in the world. Whether what they did with “Little Boy” or the “Fat man,” the Japanese will be able to tell if it was right or not. Also, with the air strike they did in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, only these people can truly tell if what they did was humanitarian enough. I think their former Intelligence guy woke up on the right side of the bed but because of him uploading a video at wikileaks.org about some US military operation where some reporters and civilians were killed–he is now  facing charges. Advice: Don’t mess with US Intelligence (*hides*)…

So who wants to rule the world? It is not just the fittest who will survive but those who have the money and technology. Huh! Great nation, is it?

I’ll just go back to my reading; for now, the genre will be Fiction —because this is what we do everyday! 🙂