Is this the right time to lift the Philippines travel  ban to Iraq? Right now, the Filipinos working there in Iraq will have at most 90 days before they will be coming home to the Philippines—that is if the travel ban will not be removed. It was in 2004 when a Filipino truck driver was kidnapped when the Philippine government decided to put the ban. The Muslim  country that time was at war.  However, after more than 5 years,  the situation in Iraq right now is different compared before. Maybe it is time for the Philippine President, Pnoy, to talk with his advisers about assessing the  Philippines stand on Iraq and OFWs. These OFWs working in American bases in Iraq entered illegally the war-torn country even there was a travel ban in their passport. They are risking their lives their in order to help provide and support their family in the Philippines. Some of them are into construction and housekeeping. If they will go home, they will just be one of those who will add to the growing statistics of unemployed Filipinos. And with the government offering a meager amount of Php 10,000 as a help to them—well, it is too small compared to what they are earning there…”barya lang yan,” as what an overseas worker said.

The Philippines should send a delegate to Iraq now and assess the situation there, talk to the Filipinos and listen to them. Of course, we want them safe–but their desire to help and earn for their families is way too big that they are willing and taking the risks. Also, according to them they are well treated by their employers.
Pnoy act now! Your BOSSES needs you.