It’s Friday the 13th! And guess who’s here? It’s not those monsters or evil creatures on movies lurking on dark streets, but it’s Happy Summerscroll’s First Year Anniversary on WordPress. Isn’t that sweet :D?

This used to be a one-man blog, but since I get busy sometimes I decided to put some mates on board. I’m just happy that this ship of ours is still alive after a year. Imagine, we are a year older! I never really thought that this site will still thrive. But, hey we are still on the line. I know that some friends of mine are busy with their own sites, but still they find sometime to visit here. I’m also busy with other sites, work and still trying to figure out what will I do with my life, urgh! *dilemma galore.* Added to that, I got thousands of things to read. So little time and so much to do.

To my team mates, Happy Anniversary! Hoping that we still be able to blog and share what is in our hearts. I love you all. And to our visitors, thank you for dropping by. YOU add another  flag to our counter,  rofl —7,066 page views! We just love you. *hugs and kisses to all*