I’m currently having an LSS again and this time it is not a new song. It is from the 80’s live version of one of the greatest rock bands of that era—the Survivor. I was into my abc’s during their heyday, but last year and the couple of years back, 80’s song just stuck with me.  Last year I was into Skid Row (where I got my name), Guns N Roses and Bon Jovi.  These were the major old school bands that got me hooked. But there are also of 80’s band that I like. I remembered last year that my hard drive was full of 80’s songs and videos *sick me :D* I was into the era that I felt I breathed metal, leather pants, big and long hair—but i never went into following their style :),  just love their songs. And now when I’m sad or I just want to relax,  I play some of my fave songs from the 80’s —and right now, the Search is Over by Survivor is my fave, lol. It is even my ringtone now. That is how I super like the song :D.

Survivor is not really my fave band, but I like their Eye of the Tiger and the Search is Over. For the Eye of the Tiger, I love Dave Bickler’s version than Jimi Jamison’s, but for the Search is Over —Jimi Jamison nailed it (of course it was during his time that this song was made). Don’t forget the awesome guitar prowess of Frankie Sullivan on the Eye of the Tiger. It is almost equivalent to Slash’s guitar solo on Sweet Child O’ Mine for GNR.  Survivor is a kick ass band! Who can forget the Baywatch theme and the Moment of Truth from Karate Kid—classic show and movie with great classic songs from one of the greatest band of all times—Survivor.

Here are some  vids (thanks to the uploaders) that I went gaga before : A trip down to the memory lane, back in the 80’s where singers and front man can really sing and can command the audience  no matter what their fashion is. They rock—80’s rocks! Sometimes  I wish that these rock icons will not become old but that is next to impossible.  If you look at their faces, they have these aging lines already and they can’t hit the notes that they used to do :(. At least they have given us great songs.

*Survivor’s the Search is Over with Jimi Jamison–this is my ringtone 😀

*Eye of the Tiger with Dave Bickler–became my ringtone too, lol (love the beret also)

*Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger with Jimi Jamison– live in japan where he forgot some lines 😀

~~~it is Happy Summerscroll’s anniversary, congrats guys!