This was my addiction for the past 2 weeks, I think. My first impression for this Korean drama was not good. I was reading the different forums before and I was not enticed to watch it. Why? I do not find the artists on it cute or pleasing. I thought it was just another girl-pretending-to-be-a-boy story. I have watched Hana Kimi both the Taiwanese and Japanese versions and I kinda like them, very much actually. But when I saw the poster and some pictures of the leads for He’s Beautiful/You’re Beautiful, I was like wth! Those eyeliners are not good for the male lead (Taekyung). He looked more of a gay to me than an “emo” type of a guy. However, when I saw some commercials regarding this Kdrama, I noticed that the story was kinda cute. So, I started watching it. Where? Youtube! The owner of this production (SBS) would be mad for people who are uploading this drama because they do not gain from this free uploads. And those companies who bought the broadcasting rights in different countries would be totally mad and might be flagging those accounts (most of them were suspended already, but there are still other sites that has that series šŸ™‚ ).

So what can I say about this Kdrama? First impression is not lasting and I’d also say do not judge the book by its cover. This Kdrama was nice. I cannot stop when I started watching it. The drama really has shown what some of the pop culture in Korea, those rabid fans, the different facets of artists on and off the camera, and what will the managing team does in order to protect their artists. When I started watching it, I don’t like Hwang Tae Kyung, played by Jang Geun Suk, the leader of the pop group AnJell. I really do not like his hairstyle (so gay for my taste!) and his eyeliner. Nonetheless, it never stopped me from moving to another scene. I was more into Shinwoo, I like his character more, being kind and more supportive to Go Mi Nam/Mi Nyu (played by Park Shine Hye who can pass as the twin sister of Eun Hye–the Goong Princess :)). And Go Mi Nam’s character is just passable for me. I’m not into female leads šŸ™‚ ( you can understand it, I hope). Jeremy’s character is more lively compared to the rest. He is the funny guy. But compared to Nakatsu’s of Hana Kimi, he lacks it. Both the funny guys in the Hana Kimi’s are more funny than Jeremy. But I like Jeremy’s voice. He can really sing! *swoon*

What I wanted to see in the drama is for the twins to be shown together in a scene (camera tricks can do that), but sadly there was none of it. Because of this drama, I became a fan of Jang Geun Suk! I love him now! Their song Still is my video ringtone. For me, he is totally different when he is singing. I wish their AnJell group was a real group. But it is not. Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki) and Shinwoo (Jung Yong Hwa) have their own bands/group. And Jang Geun Suk (he is more cute and handsome without make up), sukkie my love and Shin Hye are more into acting.

If you guys wanna watch a nice Korean drama, this “He’s Beautiful” will pass. You will never waste your time here. Teenagers and not so young love this drama. So for those who haven’t watch this yet, try watching it. It is fun. It is not those Korean drama that someone will die and that one of the lead characters is with illness. So if you want a kinda feel good drama, this is it. This is the drama to watch. AnJell’s will make you happy as they did to me.

(thanks to the owners of the pictures)