Lee Da Hae appeared in a Korean TV show on KBS network and it was there that she did some imitations on the American, British and the Filipino accent. I’d say she can somewhat imitate the first two accent but she damn failed in the latter’s accent. If you happen to be in the Philippines, even street people, those vendors can speak English. Yeah it may not be that American accent but they can converse to an average Joe.  Can Koreans do that? We were colonized by the Americans (ain’t proud of that 😦 ) that’s why it is like a second language to us aside from the multitude of dialects we speak.

I am a fan of this Korean actress. I’ve loved her in Green Rose, My Girl,  and Hello Miss. And it’s  just not me, many Filipinos loved her and her four series that were shown here in the Philippines and dubbed in Filipino language. There was even a remake of My Girl and there will be a remake of Green Rose too which will be portrayed by some of the hottest Filipino stars lead by Anne Curtis (who is an Australian-Filipino) and Jericho Rosales.  But sad to say, if Lee Da Hae was taught by some Filipino teachers there to speak English, uhm, she’s kinda mocking her teacher  with that stint.  I don’t think Filipinos speak like that. I’d say they might sound more of an American accent than what “agaesshi” portrayed.

This thing she did was a joke, right? Some Filipinos can be over sensitive with this kind of innuendos or joke. When I first saw her video, at first I was angry at her. How dare she do that? Filipinos can speak better English compared to other Asian nationalities especially Koreans. Try conversing with Koreans in English especially those who were not born in the United States and not use in speaking English, they are laughable. Yes they are! Pardon me, but they sound really funny. They can’t even pronounce the word “love” correctly. This may be attributed to their alphabet or nasal thingy. This should not be a huge thing— her doing this monstrous act. There are a lot of Filipinos who are earning money from making jokes of the way other nationalities speak English.  Even some of them are very critical of the Chinese eyes of the neighboring countries and their way of life.

Although some Filipinos might be angry with this, but let us forget this.  There are a lot more important concerns in our lives than this act of hers. However, I’d like to end this, to you Miss Lee Da Hae we have loved you because you act funny in your series, but you shouldn’t be doing things which there’s no even half truth like mimicking or imitating these Filipino teachers who teach your fellow Koreans how to speak English so that you/they can converse with other people in the world without the need of any interpreters. Yes, some Koreans (KPOP artists) went to the Philippines to do shows and concerts but almost there’s always an interpreter with them. ugh!


Yes, she already said sorry. But from what I can understand with her statement was she didn’t intend to ridicule the Filipinos and it was the subtitles fault. Duh! One of the Koreans there on the show asked her and “Philippines” was mentioned. Lee Da Hae, a lot of Filipinos got pissed off with what you did.  Anyways, this will pass and maybe we’ll still love you. As the half Korean/Filipino newbie star here Ryan Bang would say and would pronounce “I LILLY, LILLY LIKE YOU!”

The first link I posted yesterday was already blocked, but I’ll tell you there are still a lot of similar videos on youtube. So KBS has to hire more  people to block the videos on the net :D.


Shucks! I just posted this awhile ago but it was blocked and some other accounts too.  I’ll be posting a clip from a news team here in the Philippines, I just don’t know if this will be blocked too :D.

And I saw this video from a Filipino guy reacting about what agaesshi had spoken, just wanna share this to you.

Some have regional accent, some don’t. Lucky those who can cover theirs with a slang or a better sounding accent :D.