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Azkals Rising up over Win against Nepal

This is already too late but I was under a rock since Sunday and I was not able to hold a decent Internet connection. But before it’s very late, I just want to congratulate the Philippine National Football team “The Azkals” for winning last Tuesday  against the Himalayan Warriors, the Nepal National Football team. A team with a higher  FIFA ranking than  the Azkals and the Singapore (which won against the Azkals in 2-0 ), I was already expecting the Philippine team to not win again, but the result was different. The Azkals won with 4 goals and nil to the visiting team.

It was a good night since Phil’s shots at the goals were fruitful as well as that of his brother James and their close friend Matthew Hartmann. Of course, Dennis Cagara really played well and also Paul Mulders, Jerry Lucena and the rest of the Philippine team. The Nepalese were just outclassed that night by the Azkals. Well, sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. It is just a game, it’s  what football is.

The next game for the Azkals will be next year, and Coach Weiss after a break will handle the U-23 who will be playing on the SEA games. And with this win, those young “azkals” will have the inspiration to groove with the other SEA teams and hoping that they will give better results this November. Seeing a positive growth for Philippine football and I hope it will continue with the commitment of the Azkals player, the management, the government and the fans. More success for Azkals!


Azkals Versus Nepal National Football Team Tonight

It should be Philippines and not Azkals on the title right,  right? Yes, it should be. But the national football team of the Philippines is more known to be called Azkals than “Philippine team.”  I mean if you go search the Internet and the Youtube, the results will be more like “Azkals vs Kuwait,” “Azkals  vs *country,”  sometimes I wonder if the new name of the Philippines is already Azkals :).

On a serious note (hehehe), the Azkals, well the Philippine National Football team will be having a friendly game sanctioned by FIFA against the Nepal National Football team, a team way above the Philippines and a notch higher than Singapore in which the Philippines recently  lost in a 2-0 score. I am hoping for a better result this time for the Azkals. It would be better if they win and if they will give a better fight. The game will be held in Rizal Memorial Stadium at 7pm later tonight Manila time.

GO Azkals!

Singapore Dominates Philippines with 2 Goals to Nil

It was a very frustrating night for the Philippine National Football Team more known as the Azkals when they lost to the higher ranked Singaporean team in their game at Jalan Besar. I could just imagine their frustrations after the game and I’m pretty sure that more Azkal fans were devastated at the results. I was one of them. As a fan, I was expecting them to win. I believe in them, if not who will? But sadly, the Lions show more experience working as a team. Azkals may have great individual talent but sadly they don’t work really well as a team.

Some fans were ranting that the Goalkeeper Neil Etheridge should be replaced by Roland Muller, the Azkals second GK based from Neil’s performance last night. Neil did a great job but it is not just enough. There were some fans also who wanted Coach Weiss to be replaced, that according to them with Azkals talent compared to the one who played during the Suzuki Cup, they could win against the Lions.  Simon Mcnemeny’s name was always mentioned for according to some he is better in coaching than Weiss.

What happened to the Azkals dream team? Chieffy was not able to produce a goal. Phil Younghusband was not able to convert that opportunity to a goal. Angel Guirado was subbed after a minutes of the game because of the injury. The midfield and the back four were solid. Sad. There were lapses. Dennis Cagara’s  debut was not a better one. Jerry Lucena and Paul Mulders were great last night. But the strikers really were just not able to do their job very well.

So the Azkals draw with the Singapore at the Suzuki Cup was a fluke then based from the results last  night? Maybe yes and maybe not. Chris Greatwich the one who scored in that game was not part of the Azkal for he is busy with his work. And yes, I missed Stephan Schrock last night and Muller’s yelling :). But the Azkals did a good job. Maybe what they should do is play more often together but that is just not possible.  Maybe they should choose guys who will be able to be there to practice and play for better cohesion.

When that first goal was made by the Lion, I knew that Singapore will win. I  just knew and I was right. Although my frustration for that game was lesser compared to what I felt when Azkals lost to Kuwait. Yes, I know Kuwait is wayyyyy above the Azkals but I’m a fan and I hoped for my team :). And yes, I will still support the Azkals. They changed the football in the Philippines. Now, I just don’t watch boxing and basketball, I follow and watch football too because of the Azkals. And I hope that one day,  Azkals will be able to command what Manny Pacquiao’s game  does to the Filipinos all over the world, where every Filipinos stop in what they do just to watch Manny—from the police force to the rebels, from the masses and to the elite, and a number of Filipinos that goes to Vegas just to watch Manny.

Azkals, you’re doing fine and we thank you. Hoping to see a better performance against Nepal next week. #We believe.

Philippine National Football Team (The Azkals)

Yes, after almost a year the Azkals and the Lions will meet again but this time the Singaporeans will have better advantage, they are on their own den. I could say that the Azkals now is different from the Azkals that they met last Suzuki Cup. More new breed, more talents, more skills plus the undying love and support of fans from a basketball-boxing country. However, the Lions are in the mood to revenge their 1-1 draw last time they met and they are also in their preparation for their World Cup bid. Come this October 7, 2011, Singapore’s Jalan Besar will be a pool of reds and blues, with the Lion fans in reds and the Azkals mostly in blue.

Some of the Philippine  fans will be flying to Singapore and the rest who are residing and working in Singapore are expected to be there as what the sold-out tickets already stated. I just hope that there will be no rumbles, just pure fun and football—on the part of the fans and the players. Filipino fans are not into trouble making even when they are provoke, but if the heat is on, I just don’t know what will happen :D.

Most of the European players of the Philippines led by goalkeeper Neil Etheridge and Stephan Schrock  will play and thus strengthen the Azkals line up. And after a lot of expectations, I hope we will be seeing Dennis Cagara in action for the Azkals. We want to see what he can deliver as an Azkal. As for Chieffy Caligdong, Phil Younghusband and Angel Guirado—hoping these three will provide the Azkals some goals. This is  Coach Weiss’s “Dream Team” for the Azkals. But since they don’t play regularly together, team cohesion will play a crucial part. This will be a great game both for the Philippines and Singapore.

Europe-based Players: Jerry Lucena, Dennis Cagara, Stephan Schrock, and Paul Mulders

GO Azkals! Mabuhay Pinoy!

*As of last night news, Stephan Schrock, the one who scored against Kuwait for the 2nd round World Cup Qualifiers will not be available for the Philippine team because of injury. That is so sad, because personally I love him on the pitch. He is a great player and knows what to do :).