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The Proposal: One of the Best Romantic Comedy Movie

It’s good that there’s Internet, that Internet was created. Huh, what a relief! Internet by the way should always be spelled with a capital “I” whether you use it in the middle of your sentence or just about anywhere. With the creation of the Internet, Youtube sprouted, of course there was Yahoo, then Google (with google being a verb now–a slang word to search). Hey, I’m not doing essay here. However, I just wanna practice here. 😀

So you might say, cut the crap, don’t bore us, just go to the “chorus” puh-leasee. Hey, it’s my account, I can do whatever here–whatever that pleases me. What I just wanna say is that, uhm, what I really wanna share is that, —my movie addiction. Hell yeah! Who doesn’t like to watch nice movies? Even the religious utilizes now the Internet with their video messages. Let’s not cross to that—that’s a very, VERY BIG subject.

Well, I’ve watched today “She’s the Man” with Amanda Bynes being the lead girl. Typical Hollywood movie. High school life, soccer (not football or basketball this time), girls and boys. The gist is that Viola/Amanda Bynes was really into playing soccer, then her team was cut in their school and that girls are not allowed to play in the boys soccer team. Then with a leap of faith, she went to attend her twin brother’s school for two weeks. Yah, she pretended to be a boy just to be able to prove that girls can PLAY. Then the hottest chick on that school just got the hots for her thinking that she is really a boy.  But Viola has a huge crush on her roommate–the main soccer player who has a long time crush also on the hot chick. It’s really a chick flick. But it’s a nice one. You can laugh on some parts and on some other parts, like dude why is she doing that? 😀

With the movies I’ve watched these past few days (not counting the kiddie movies that’s being played almost everyday at home, like hello?! Lightning Mcqueen :D.), the Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds movie of 2009 The Proposal top the list. It’s really a feel good movie you know. Maybe this was the movie that made him as the 2010 Sexiest Man Alive. The first time I learned that he was the sexiest man alive, I was like WTF!!! He’s not on the same level with the other sexiest men alive, but after watching The Proposal after almost two years since it was released, my curiosity as to why he was named the People’s Sexiest Man Alive was answered. It really was a nice movie, yes I’ve already said that but it is the truth. That movie is the bomb. It’s actually a simple chick flick. But if you want to just relax and enjoy, then this is the movie to watch for —if you have not watch it yet :D. The movie was about this secretary (RR) and his boss (SB) pretending to be a couple to be married in order for his Canadian boss not to be deported and not be able to work in America. Then they went to Alaska for the weekend, meeting the family of the guy and that’s where the magic begun. The two of them falling in love as you’ve already guess. Then the Boss decided no to push through with the wedding, leaving the groom on the altar with all his family surprised. But, in the end they were together :D. Cheesy as it may sound, but that movie is one of the best romantic comedy I’ve ever seen.

A must watch :D.


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010) Falls Short

Eclipse, the third movie from the Twilight Saga is not what I’ve expected. It lacks almost everything. Maybe I was expecting too much for this movie since I saw its trailer.  The only scenes that were passable for me were  when the Cullen’s did some practice on how to defeat the ‘army’ with the wolves around and the real fight scene with the army. Those were the only times that elated me, as for the other scenes–they were such a bore. I was expecting Eclipse will be better than New Moon ( ‘coz New Moon sucks pretty bad!)—I was pretty devastated about the movie. I’ve been waiting  for this movie and this is what I get! Arghh! If I’ll rank the three movies, Twilight will be the first, second would be Eclipse and third is New Moon.

I noticed that Edward (Robert Pattinson) is not that cute anymore, lol. Or maybe the novelty of his looks  faded away for me 🙂 There were times that Edward on the movie just look like the guys on the street. And did Taylor Lautner do a nose job? His nose as compared to the other Twilight movie he was in was not that big anymore. Oh I don’t know but there’s something really different with his nose. I love Jacob’s line too “I’m hotter than you!” Beat that Edward 😀

Alice is still bonnie as can be, and Jasper’s hair irritates me. At least they have shown some of his past life and Rosalie’s (who looks like Madonna or was it the mole?). Emmet is cute, with a different hair style he can be dashing. Carlisle! He is so damn handsome! He is more pretty with blond hair than black.

Bella is still a pain in the arse! I still hate her. 🙂

Maybe they should get a new director for Breaking Dawn. I wish they could incorporate a volturi fight.Eclipse is not captivating. I like the look of the  Lycans on the Underworld than the wolves in Twilight movies. They just look like big dogs that look like more of a bear (I heard someone on my side of the theater that he wished that he can have a dog like that! 😀 ). Could they not make those wolves look fiercer?

If I’ll rate Eclipse, it will just be a 7 star for me (10 being the highest).

Toy Story 3
Yesterday, I watch a movie (finally) with my nephews and decided to spend our time with Toy Story 3. At first I was hesitant to watch it but since my nephews want the movie–so I just went with the flow. Of course I liked Toy Story 1 and 2, but sometimes for a sequel of a blockbuster movie, you just wish that  it is better that they did not do a follow up. However,  Toy Story 3 is a great movie. I love it! It was  way better than Iron Man 2 (I never did like Iron Man even it was a blockbuster) and Shrek 4 (although I love Shrek, Donkey, Fiona, Puss and the rest).

I liked the part wherein Buzz Lightyear went into Spanish Mode (I thought it was Spanish, right? 😀 ), with his dance moves and the hots for Jessie. And Ken changing clothes, it is so funny–the music did it. Of course there is an evil character “Lotso” –Lots’ O’ Huggin Bear. I was sad about what happened to them and the Baby Doll ( I remembered my baby doll before 🙂 ).

@ Sunnyside Daycare
And what about Woody? He left the chance to be with Andy 😦 to be with his pals in the end. And Andy, Andy, Andy… he is so grown up (and going to college already) but his heart is with Woody but in the end he donated his toys to a girl in the neighborhood and played with them for the last time.

Andy is so grown up
It was a nice movie for me. Will there be a “4” but without Andy? The little girl, Bonnie, is so bubbly that she can be a nice character to a sequel if there will be. But if there will be no great story line, then better they just leave us (those Pixar people) with Toy Story 3.