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HELP Jolo Flash Flood Victims

Residents of Jolo,  the southern part of the Philippines have experienced flash floods as to what people of Brisbane, Australia are  going through. But the difference is, Australians have more means  to cope compared to the people of Jolo where the greater number of people there are living below the poverty line. Where  one needs to work everyday in order to put food on their table and probably eat a decent meal once a day. But with the raging floods that some areas of Jolo have experienced, where lives are affected and properties lost and destroyed, these people are calling for us to HELP.

A friend of mine informed me that Ateneo de Zamboanga University  (a Jesuit University located in Zamboanga City, Philippines)  is helping these victims and they are accepting donations. For those who can afford to share and help the flash flood victims, please contact Ateneo de Zamboanga University (Philippines) @ 0063-62-9910871 local 2224/2225.

I saw a Youtube video and would like to share this to you guys and thank you for the person who created this video.


Rolando Mendoza’s Bus Hostage Taking

Last night was the breaking news of all breaking news since the recent election was over in the Philippines. Almost all Filipinos were tuned in to the live coverage of different TV networks on the Manila bus siege by a former policeman named Rolando Mendoza, a man who has been an outstanding policeman in the Philippines. He was upset that he will not be able to receive any retirement benefits after decades of working as a policeman. He and others were involved in some situations were his benefits were cut off then. He wants to be reinstated on the police work so that he can get the benefits, for him and for his family.

So why did he do that? Why the tourist bus? Because it is the only way to get the attention of the people he wanted to talk to. But things did not go his way, 9 people died during last night’s hostage crisis. And he is to be blame for that. People like him during those times are not on their right minds. They are very emotional and fearful of what is to come. The fact that the bus they were on has a TV set wherein he can watch what is going on outside the bus because of the media coverage, just triggered his hell’s bells. And seeing his brother captured by the police thinking that his brother is also his accomplice, just released the beast in him.
What could have been done by the authorities was to have a good negotiator. Sadly, there was none. The government could have talk to Mendoza about his desires and thus preventing what happened yesterday. And God! Is that the SWAT team of the Philippines? I was embarrassed of what they have done (maybe they should have watch those military/rescue movies so that they can pick some hints on how to do it well :)). They did not act as an elite force, they are just bunch of neophytes. They need more training. Also, they just don’t lack the knowledge, they are in need of gadgets and equipment for that kind of operation.

And now because of this, Philippines is on the negative side. Hongkong placing a travel ban to our country is not a good sign, but they have a point. They need to warn their people about the hazards that they may encounter just like what happened last night. This is a bad start for the Aquino administration, and where was Mr. President last night? What did his officials do? Did they just sleep or formulated a haphazard rescue plan? They could have shot Mendoza with a tranquilizer during the early hours of the hostage taking. They could have coordinated with the TV news crew to stop the live broadcast. And they could have put a police line so that those bystanders will not be near the area! So much has to be done to the police force. I bet this is an awakening for them.

Sometimes we really need heroes just like what we saw on movies. Too bad there is no Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock riding on yesterday’s bus. We can only wish. I just hope that Philippines will be able to overcome the bad effects caused by this hostage crisis. And after the turmoil of last night’s scene grabber, I’m just glad of what Venus Raj accomplished. For me, it is already a “major, major”  feat to be the 5th beautiful woman on the planet. Although she could have given a better answer. But hey, Ms. Raj and Mendoza are just human—bound to make mistakes just like any of us. And there’s a bit of Mendoza in every race, too bad we can’t stop the other race thinking that all Filipinos are like him. We can only grieve.

sometimes, I wish super heroes really do exist 😦
sometimes, I wish super heroes really do exist (ty for a friend for this image)

Philippines Travel Ban to Iraq

Is this the right time to lift the Philippines travel  ban to Iraq? Right now, the Filipinos working there in Iraq will have at most 90 days before they will be coming home to the Philippines—that is if the travel ban will not be removed. It was in 2004 when a Filipino truck driver was kidnapped when the Philippine government decided to put the ban. The Muslim  country that time was at war.  However, after more than 5 years,  the situation in Iraq right now is different compared before. Maybe it is time for the Philippine President, Pnoy, to talk with his advisers about assessing the  Philippines stand on Iraq and OFWs. These OFWs working in American bases in Iraq entered illegally the war-torn country even there was a travel ban in their passport. They are risking their lives their in order to help provide and support their family in the Philippines. Some of them are into construction and housekeeping. If they will go home, they will just be one of those who will add to the growing statistics of unemployed Filipinos. And with the government offering a meager amount of Php 10,000 as a help to them—well, it is too small compared to what they are earning there…”barya lang yan,” as what an overseas worker said.

The Philippines should send a delegate to Iraq now and assess the situation there, talk to the Filipinos and listen to them. Of course, we want them safe–but their desire to help and earn for their families is way too big that they are willing and taking the risks. Also, according to them they are well treated by their employers.
Pnoy act now! Your BOSSES needs you.

Noynoy and Binay to Rule the Philippines

I’m just glad that Noynoy and Binay won the presidential and the vice presidential race.  I’ve posted last year that I want those two guys to rule our country for the next six years and I’m happy that they were the chosen ones. Although it was a landslide for Noynoy, the former senator and the only son of a former president and a hero on the Philippines, winning by more than 5 million votes compared to Estrada, it cannot be said to Binay’s victory. It was a close  fight between Mar Roxas and Jojo Binay for the vice presidential race, with a little of 700, 000 votes to get the slot, Binay was proclaimed. But there was a question about the 2.6 million votes for the vice president that were considered as null votes. I think those votes should be reexamined because there is a possibility that Mar can win through those votes. But those votes that were considered null might be because  of the wrong shading on the ballot or the PCOS machine cannot read them. Maybe some of the voters did not follow the ways on how to properly shade those circles on the ballot. It was a waste of time for casting a vote that cannot be counted. Maybe next time the voters should make it a point to follow the instructions.

Now that we have our new President, we wish that things will change. Can we call Noynoy the Father of the Philippines for he is the president now when he is not really a family man? I don’t know if it is an advantage for a country to be ruled by a bachelor for he is a bachelor at 50 —indeed he is now the most eligible bachelor in the land to covet for the ladies out there!

President Noynoy, we know that you can’t make miracles but we wish to see the Philippines doing fine and please follow your slogan–No to Corruption! Make the Philippines like Singapore or Japan maybe… Or for the NOYBI tandem make the whole Philippines like Makati City. Hah! Wishful thinking on my part but I wish it just the same. Better Philippines for the next 6 years please…

Noy-noy and Binay for me

This coming 2010 elections in the Philippines, as of now things are being clearer for me as a voter…my choice is Senator Noy-noy for President and Makati Mayor Binay for Vice President. Why? Eventhough they are from different parties, I like their individuality, and their stand. I never went straight voting for a single party. I don’t like Mar. He does not appeal to me in any aspect. Chiz was my number 1 senator on the last election. But now, Chiz is full of negativity, he is always saying negative things. He is full of flowery words, why not just say it straight? I don’t like speeches that is similar to feature articles or writings. Loren Legarda and Joseph
Estrada are a big NO- NO! Loren has two faces. Well that is what politics is, changing sides. As for Erap, this is not a movie that needs a sequel. Philippines does not need gamblers. We need concrete plans. And Manny Villar, I think if he will win his businesses will always be on his lists of priority.

I hope Filipinos will be able to choose the right President, not just based on emotions…Let us pray for the future of our country.