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Wanted: Who Wrote this Poem

I’m looking for the the person who wrote this poem. He sent this poem to my friend and sadly my friend can’t remember the friend who sent this to her.

Endless Road

As I walk through this lazy road
These heartaches, pains become my load
Didn’t even care where I pass by
Or if I live, or if I die.

I strode along not knowing when
I’ll reach the road’s farthest end
I walk so fast, not knowing what I’m seeking
Or if I’d still cure this lonely feeling

Those were the first two stanza of the poem. All I know that the person who sent that poem is a Civil Engineering Student from Davao, Philippines. This poem was sent to my friend on her birthday more than seven or eight years ago. As we were searching my friend’s stuff, we stumbled upon this stationery where the poem was handwritten. How sweet, a guy writing that to a girl :).

Since my friend’s birthday is near, we wanna find out if we can still find the owner of this poem just to know that the one who wrote this is doing okay.

We may not be able to find the writer of this poem, but my friend just want to let him know that she appreciated his letter and the lecture notes he sent.

If you are the writer of this letter, please keep in touch.


HELP Jolo Flash Flood Victims

Residents of Jolo,  the southern part of the Philippines have experienced flash floods as to what people of Brisbane, Australia are  going through. But the difference is, Australians have more means  to cope compared to the people of Jolo where the greater number of people there are living below the poverty line. Where  one needs to work everyday in order to put food on their table and probably eat a decent meal once a day. But with the raging floods that some areas of Jolo have experienced, where lives are affected and properties lost and destroyed, these people are calling for us to HELP.

A friend of mine informed me that Ateneo de Zamboanga University  (a Jesuit University located in Zamboanga City, Philippines)  is helping these victims and they are accepting donations. For those who can afford to share and help the flash flood victims, please contact Ateneo de Zamboanga University (Philippines) @ 0063-62-9910871 local 2224/2225.

I saw a Youtube video and would like to share this to you guys and thank you for the person who created this video.