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Philippine National Football Team (The Azkals)

Yes, after almost a year the Azkals and the Lions will meet again but this time the Singaporeans will have better advantage, they are on their own den. I could say that the Azkals now is different from the Azkals that they met last Suzuki Cup. More new breed, more talents, more skills plus the undying love and support of fans from a basketball-boxing country. However, the Lions are in the mood to revenge their 1-1 draw last time they met and they are also in their preparation for their World Cup bid. Come this October 7, 2011, Singapore’s Jalan Besar will be a pool of reds and blues, with the Lion fans in reds and the Azkals mostly in blue.

Some of the Philippine  fans will be flying to Singapore and the rest who are residing and working in Singapore are expected to be there as what the sold-out tickets already stated. I just hope that there will be no rumbles, just pure fun and football—on the part of the fans and the players. Filipino fans are not into trouble making even when they are provoke, but if the heat is on, I just don’t know what will happen :D.

Most of the European players of the Philippines led by goalkeeper Neil Etheridge and Stephan Schrock  will play and thus strengthen the Azkals line up. And after a lot of expectations, I hope we will be seeing Dennis Cagara in action for the Azkals. We want to see what he can deliver as an Azkal. As for Chieffy Caligdong, Phil Younghusband and Angel Guirado—hoping these three will provide the Azkals some goals. This is  Coach Weiss’s “Dream Team” for the Azkals. But since they don’t play regularly together, team cohesion will play a crucial part. This will be a great game both for the Philippines and Singapore.

Europe-based Players: Jerry Lucena, Dennis Cagara, Stephan Schrock, and Paul Mulders

GO Azkals! Mabuhay Pinoy!

*As of last night news, Stephan Schrock, the one who scored against Kuwait for the 2nd round World Cup Qualifiers will not be available for the Philippine team because of injury. That is so sad, because personally I love him on the pitch. He is a great player and knows what to do :).


2014 World Cup Qualifiers: Kuwait versus Philippines

I’m really excited on July 23, 2011 because this is the day when the national  football teams of Kuwait and the Philippines will battle it out for the 2014 World Cup Qualifiers. This is the first time  for the Philippine team to be able to reach this stage. Football was not a sport that most of the Filipinos take notice or even play for Philippines is a basketball-crazed country until the national football team made a remarkable success last year at the  Suzuki Cup (2010) when they won against the reigning champions Vietnam with a 2-0 score. That success was the one who opened the eyes of some of the Filipinos to take notice of the sport and the players and that is including me. From that time, Filipinos now bother to watch any games of the Philippine football team more popularly known as the Azkals. They are even willing to pay to watch the Azkals play. Interviews regarding any Azkals are always a hit. Too bad some of  members are already involved—allegedly involved in a sex scandal, but hey that’s the price of fame.

I’ve been reading and watching the videos of the Kuwaiti football team and yes they are a great and strong team. They are ranked way higher than the Philippines in the FIFA  Men’s World Ranking. Bader Al Mutwa (Mootawaa), Fahad Al Enezi, Yousef Naser and Waleed Ali are the guys to watch  for and of course their goal keeper is a good one. Although the Azkals are deemed as the underdogs, they should (must :D) be able to play well against the Kuwaitis. Phil Younghusband, Angel  Guirado and Chieffy Caligdong should find ways to goal :D.  With the other Azkals, I hope they will be able to defend well.

I’m really hoping that they will win against Kuwait—that may be asking too much, but I really hope so. I want this win for the Philippine team and for all the Filipinos. If things will not come our way after this two game, then it will not be the end for the football team. Let’s make a small step at a time. Who knows the Philippine national football team will become a powerhouse in the coming years.  To all the Azkal believers and all the Filipinos, let us unite this July 23 and 28 to pray and believe for our boys to win. Go Azkals! We believe!

Kuwait National Football Team Kuwait National Football Team “The Al Azraq”

These are the only Kuwaiti players that I’m familiar:

#17 Bader Al Mutwa

#22 Nawaf Al Khaldi

#15 Waleed Ali

#7  Fahad Al Enezi

The Philippine National Football Team “The Azkals” (Chris Greatwich #18 will not be able to play in the Kuwait match due to some other commitments)


#11 Alexander Borromeo (captain)
#7 James Younghusband
#1 Neil Etheridge (Goalkeeper)
#23 Ian Araneta
#4 Anton del Rosario
#2 Rob Gier
#17 Jason de Jong
#10 Phil Younghusband
#13 Chieffy Caligdong
#18 Chris Greatwich
#27 Ray Johnson




The Game resulted with Kuwait winning 3-0 against the Philippines. The next game will be on July 28 in Manila.

Philippine Azkals sweeps Sri Lanka Brave Reds 4-0

I just wanna congratulate the Azkals, the players, the coach, the staff and the Filipinos who all supported the Philippine National Football Team. Azkals you made us proud and happy today. Yes, we know it will be a long time before we reach the World Cup, but it is already a nice start :D. You didn’t disappoint us. A BIG CHEER for all of you for winning today in the jam packed Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! HAIL TO THE AZKALS!

Thanks to Chieffy Caligdong, Phil Younghusband and Angel Guirado for their awesome goals—pretty AWESOME! The Azkals just played a very nice game, the defenders were all great that’s why the Sri Lankans can’t make the goals :D. I hardly noticed Neil Etheridge there because there was less work for him today 🙂 . You all deserve a pat in the back and a warm hug and kisses from all of your screaming fans, we love to do that :D.

This was a nice Sunday. I hope Azkals will be able to play well against Kuwait for their next game for the 2014 World Cup Qualifiers. Go Pinoy! GO AZKALS!

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Qualifying Football Match in Asia has already started. Last June 29, 2011 in Colombo Sri Lanka, the Brave Reds the football players of Sri Lanka faced the Philippine Azkals resulting in 1-1 draw. It was a very physical game with most of the players going down, I pretty noticed that most of the Reds went down and kissing the ground (I’m not really sure if some of them just acted just to get fouls or advantages from their enemy :D).

What I like about the Brave Reds is that they are not afraid to play with the bigger Azkals which was usually composed of the Filipino-foreigners ( guys with Dutch, Spanish, British, German and American blood mixing with their Filipino genes). But the game I saw was just a bunch of amateurs playing on the field when compared to the levels of Iker, Cristiano, Messi and Kaka (of course these guys are not mere mortals :D). Although I was cheering for Azkals to win coz I’m pinoy ;). It was a very disappointing game for me. I was expecting that the Azkals will be more aggressive with their play, but it was crap! It was just a lucky moment when Nate Burkey (American-Filipino) made that goal giving the Azkals an advantage. Noticeable Azkals were Schrock who was like everywhere—-I mean everywhere. His play is different, but I think he still didn’t connect well with his team mates because some of his shots just went to dead air. There was no one to receive the balls he was kicking, but I still like his play though. The Azkals goalkeeper Neil Etheridge just did a great crucial save, it could have been a goal if Neil did not make a “Shaolin Soccer” move :). The Strikers Angel Guirado and Phil Younghusband were not of help for it was said that they were not feeling well. I just hope that their injury will be okay so that they can play this Sunday when their next game will be held in Rizal Memorial Stadium Manila (July 3, 2011). It was also a nice play made by James Younghusband. I was still wondering if it was because of Rob Gier’s deflecting of the ball that caused the Sri Lankan’s to goal (it looked like that way to me).

Come this Sunday, I wanna see a more aggressive, more determined and more goals from the Azkals when they play against the Brave Reds with thousands of Filipinos cheering for them. I hope you guys win because we don’t want it to be the reason football will die again in the Philippines if you don’t. I’m cheering for you guys. I want you to be able to play with Kuwait because they are from different league (they are world cup qualifiers). Wouldn’t it be so sweet if you guys will win this Sunday? You guys can be the next Pacquaio that can unite Filipinos all over the world when there are fights/games. So, let us show the world that Filipinos (and half-Pinoys) know how to play football. Azkals we pray for you. God Bless.

Dallas Mavericks 2011 NBA Champ

Congratulations to Dallas Mavericks for the big win against Miami Heat. At last, Dirk, Terry, Kid, Marion, Chandler, JJ, Coach Carlisle and the rest of the Mavs now know how it feels to be a champ. I’m so happy that my team finally have that championship title. Congrats to all Mav fans! Surely, the TIME IS really NOW! I wish that I got a friend like Mark Cuban :D.