Sandy, the pambansang krung-krung ng Pilipinas, a member of the girl pop korean group visited the Philippines yesterday, August 13, 2009 and she had chosen the Phillippines for her short rest from her busy career…

When she arrived, media flocked to her and congratulated her on her success in her native land–Korea…Sandy or DARA now in the K-world won second in the Star Circle Quest, a defunked ABS-CBN talent show in the Philippines. Hero Angeles bagged the title as the winner, but later on they were formed as a loveteam in the Philippine showbiz and they were a success. But unluckily things get sour between their personal and showbiz life that’s why their career went down.

I’m just glad that Sandy has found success now in Korea and Hero is already starting to act again but in GMA, the rival network of ABS-CBN.

When Sandy arrived, I thought she’s gonna rest but Sandy with her bubbly and sweet personality which endeared to a lot of Filipinos, even when she doesn’t have a droplet of blood of a Filipino, guested on the morning show Ruffa and Ai. Sandy performed a little bit of their sonG fIRE… “eh eh eh eh eh, twenty one” while dancing…

I wish she will visit again with her group, and maybe this will pave the way for some korean pop artists to visit the Philippines…

Here is the clip by kyungmin78 thanks to you…(interview on TV Patrol World)

From SNN clip:
thanks to crescentbangs03

interview at E-live (August 15, 2009):

thanks to kyungmin78