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Jovit Baldivinio, First Pilipinas Got Talent Winner

Congratulations to the small boy with a great voice for bagging the first Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT) winner. Jovit Baldivino, a 16-year-old guy, who used to sell Siomai to help his family won on June 13, 2010. As any Got Talent show, different acts were performed for the finals. There were contestants who sang, dance, performed magic tricks and some entertaining stuff. But it was Jovit who nailed it with almost 50% of the text votes from the people¬† hailing him as the winner. Jovit was noticed by the Filipinos when he sang Journey’s Faithfully, his voice sound like Arnel’s. He was likened to the new frontman of the band Arnel Pineda, who is also a Filipino and with rags to riches story.

He did some nice cover of Europe’s Carrie and Queen’s Too Much Love Will Kill you for his performance on the semifinals and the finals respectively. As an old school lover, I’d say his renditions are okay. Although nothing beats the original, but dude this little boy got some lungs! Nice voice I mean :).

Alakim’s magic tricks performance and The Velasco Brothers dance moves were also fantastic, but too bad the votes were not for them.

Jovit will need some overhauling if he wants to make it big in showbusiness. It is not just pure talent that will deliver success, but everything has to fall in its right place.

Goodluck Boy and hope you will make it!

thanks to the uploaders:

(audition of Jovit: Journey’s Faithfully)

(semifinals performance: Europe’s Carrie)

(Finals: Queen’s Too Much Love Will Kill You)


Are u with Team JR or Team Dave?

Tayong Dalawa, a Filipino drama, seen on ABS-CBN, will finally end after nine months on the air.

What really caught me on watching the show was their military inspired theme, how things work out in the Philippine Military Academy. But I was never able to watch the whole show due to my work and busy schedule.

And now, fans of the said show have Team JR which is for JR/David Garcia Jr. portrayed by Gerald Anderson and their is also the Team Dave which is for the twin of JR who is Dave and named as David Garcia Jr. too acted by Jake Cuenca. These two guys fell in love with the same girl Audrey played by Kim Chiu. JR and Dave didn’t know that they were siblings or that they were twins while growing up. And that is one of the highlights of the show.

Right now, Audrey married JR after learning that she was not really married to Dave (huh! what a twist).

I really don’t like that Audrey will end up with JR because I don’t want that the twins will have another rift, but sadly that’s what the writers and the directors wanted.

And there is also their other brother Ramon played by Coco Martin, the crook but cute guy who is into smuggling of guns and helping the terrorists. Ramon is one of the nice characters that helped the show to what is it today, as well as the roles of Lola Gets, Marlene, Ingrid, and the other supporting casts.

The show has also proved that the team up of Kim and Gerald will always be a best seller as to what happened also to their Sana’y Maulit Muli, the Filipino remake of the Korean drama MY Girl and their Your Song.

As for who will win in the end, I am for Dave whether what will happen to him. TEAM DAVE! Although I like Ramon too, maybe I can have two teams. As for Audrey, I want her dead on the show, lol. It will be more dramatic, but I don’t think it will happen coz the Kimeralds will not like it.

Tayong Dalawa is one of the best shows this 2009.