It should be Philippines and not Azkals on the title right,  right? Yes, it should be. But the national football team of the Philippines is more known to be called Azkals than “Philippine team.”  I mean if you go search the Internet and the Youtube, the results will be more like “Azkals vs Kuwait,” “Azkals  vs *country,”  sometimes I wonder if the new name of the Philippines is already Azkals :).

On a serious note (hehehe), the Azkals, well the Philippine National Football team will be having a friendly game sanctioned by FIFA against the Nepal National Football team, a team way above the Philippines and a notch higher than Singapore in which the Philippines recently  lost in a 2-0 score. I am hoping for a better result this time for the Azkals. It would be better if they win and if they will give a better fight. The game will be held in Rizal Memorial Stadium at 7pm later tonight Manila time.

GO Azkals!