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Dallas Mavericks 2011 NBA Champ

Congratulations to Dallas Mavericks for the big win against Miami Heat. At last, Dirk, Terry, Kid, Marion, Chandler, JJ, Coach Carlisle and the rest of the Mavs now know how it feels to be a champ. I’m so happy that my team finally have that championship title. Congrats to all Mav fans! Surely, the TIME IS really NOW! I wish that I got a friend like Mark Cuban :D.


Dallas Mavericks FTW!

dallas mavericks beat the heat!

This is really what finals should be, Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat tied at 2-2 for the NBA Finals. I’m just so happy that the Mavs won today and I hope that this time they will win the  championship. It’s good that some of the players helped Nowitzki today. I mean, it’s always Dirk who is leading the Mavs unlike the Heat they really have these three main man. This was really a very tight game, with Mavs winning the fourth game 86-83 with the main man Dirk having a fever.  I just hope that Terry, Kidd, JJ and the rest will help the Mavs win the championship.