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Kim Hyun Joong to do a Concert in Manila

Kim Hyun Joong, a South Korean pop superstar and a member of SS501 arrived in Manila, Philippines on June 17, 2010. The singer actor who is popularly known as Jihoo, a character he played in Korea’s version of Hana Yori Dango–Boys Over Flowers is set to perform as a solo artist in a benefit concert for the young mothers with another K-pop group called the Beast. KHJ’s popularity with Hwang Bo on a tv series “We Got Married” got them an award. But it was his character as Jihoo that made him to be so known in the Philippines.

On the side note, it was the Meteor Garden, Taiwan’s version of HYD, that endeared Lei’s character to the Filipinos as well as the other F4 guys along with Sanchai and this is also the show that started the craze for Asian series in the Philippines. Boys Over Flowers was a hit in the Philippines but it never gained the “fever” that the MG brought. Meteor Garden was so popular in the Philippines that the F4 guys went here to perform a sold-out concert, with the other guys doing product endorsements. Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu, Vaness and Barbie Xu (she brought also her sister) visited the Philippines a couple of years ago and the Filipinos just went gaga over them. Although their show was only dubbed in the Filipino language but it never stopped the Filipinos in loving them. Too bad Boys Over Flowers never make it that big here. But maybe if the casts of BOF went here during the airing in the Philippines and did a concert, maybe the venue will also be filled by the people. We love Jun Pyo, Jihoo, and the rest of the guys.

This June 19, we hope that Kim Hyun Joong will entertain the Filipinos through his performance. I saw his interview on the airport on a local news show, and boy I’m just frustrated that there was a translator! Urgh! Can he not converse in English? Probably he can understand English, but maybe next time when Koreans come here in the Philippines they should try to speak in English for KHJ’s translator on the airport was not that good or maybe she was just tense. If you try to listen to her translation, your nose will bleed (sorry). Maybe next time they should get those translators who can perform their job with expertise whether it is an ambush interview šŸ˜‰ . When Ukiss came here, some of them can speak English and that’s just great.

SuperJunior’s concert was a success although not all the seats were occupied but the turn out is good. We don’t know if KHJ’s concert along with (sorry to say this) a not so popular Kpop group will meet with the same success with Suju’s. Ukiss did have a concert also in the Philippines. Wow! A Kpop invasion! Wohoo!

Maybe next time 2ne1, DBSK, Girls GenerationĀ  and other Asian artists will also be here to entertain the Filipinos.


Kim Bum will be doing a soft drink commercial with Maja Salavador, a local actress (and from a showbiz clan) in the Philippines…Will they have also scenes like what Lee Min Ho and Sandara did? I wonder what will be the concept…

maja s and  kimbum from PEP.ph

thanks to wandergirlPH

another from kyungmin78:

from BOFPh–Kim Bum’s interview at Elive!
kimbum elive guesting bofph fansday with kimbum^^