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Hating Cityville Notifications

Oh okay, this will be my first post for the new year and it’s all about my ranting. Awesome! Just awesome, what do you think? Ugh! Let me tell you what’s really bothering me and some other people too. It was during the holiday season that I came to play Cityville, you know that new Zynga game on Facebook. Since I got a lot of time on my hands during¬† the Christmas break, I can say that I’m one of those Facebook users that got hooked on Cityville. It’s a pretty much nice game, because it is not just planting or farming (as we all know farming is sooo 2009 ūüôā ), you can actually design the town or the city that you want to have, be a sort of mayor–those kind of thing.¬† So even my almost 60 year old uncle is playing it. When Cityville was new, Samantha was ahead of everybody else, her being only on level 20, but now my dear uncle is way up. He just surpassed everyone.¬† And almost all his children are into playing that game too. To level up easily, they have these multiple accounts to send each other gifts, so they level up fast. It was them that sort of influenced me to play a game diligently again (I only play Happy Aquarium and sometimes Mafia Wars now).


So what pisses me after a month (I think) of playing Cityville? It’s the notifications I’ve been receiving like almost every couple of minutes! I just can’t handle seeing a ‘red’ on my notification. It matters to me especially I’m one of those that is almost online every time on my Facebook. I tried evey possible ways on how to disable it.¬† I google answers for it, but just saw same rants like mine. They said Facebook is still on a testing mode and I just hope Zynga too will just provide us on how to disable those notifications. Another thing is that I don’t kinda like the new Facebook profile, but whether we like it or not, FB will update your profile to their new format. Huh! Maybe soon ( I just hope so) that they will give us the options to have the power to remove that annoying notification.


Right now, I’m not into playing Cityville seriously (compared to my early days of being an addict to it). So these notifications is really a bother. As for occasional gamers like me, it really bothers me to see those¬† notifications. While even writing this post, I can see new notifications from Cityville. Give me¬† a break! I couldn’t¬† just remove the game you know. So what to do? Just wait for FB and Zynga to hear the rants of their users. I guess :(.


Did I just greet you guys happy new year? I know it’s too late, but Happy New Year and advance Happy Chinese Year! And may we all be¬† happy and prosperous.


My Facebook Chatting Etiquette

Have you experienced chatting with people who don’t say goodbye to you, they just suddenly log out without hinting that they will not answer back? This has happened to me recently and this kinda bothered me a lot :). I’m talking about a guy friend here, when he’s online and he feels he wanna talk to me, he will just send me messages asking how am I today. But after a few exchange of messages, he will just suddenly sign out and leave me there… Maybe I bore him with our convos or he’s just too tired from work or whatever, but could guys just say goodbye when they are leaving the chatroom? It’s sort of pissing me off… I’ve got a brother in law who sometimes do that, when he will ask me something and after my reply, he will just leave. I talked to my sister about this, I just hoped that my brother in law will find time to say goodbye when he is chatting with me.

I just don’t get it why “men” in particular don’t bother to practice some chatting rules. While it’s not mandatory, but people will take it differently when you just leave them hanging. Or is the reason for them leaving without saying goodbye (this applies to male-female friendships) is to build the girl’s anticipation of him? You know those things that you leave them hanging so that the other party will be mystified, confused or irritated (just what I felt).

Guys, I just want to tell you that is better that you practice some chatting etiquette. Don’t leave the other line without saying farewell. Some girls will just wait for you to make the move. That may sound pathetic, but sometimes your hot and cold moves might be misinterpreted by the girl and you will find that she will not take you seriously too. So whatever you wanna say or whatever your intentions, it is better to tell the one you’re talking to about your true intentions.

Weather may change, as well as humans, but before it is too late, don’t play with the feelings of people. Just say it loud and straight.
Who knows you may hit the jackpot :D! So go spread the word…

Favorite Facebook Games

I registered on Facebook before because it was the “in thing.”¬† There’s even a parody about facebook on movies…I was able to see some friends but¬† they were the same friends I had on my other social networking site. But, the good thing is, there’s a lot of¬† what Facebook can offer. And that is the free online games…

I was bedazzled when I saw some posts of¬† my friends fighting some vampires, farming, getting bounty on mafia, being a pirate and a lot more…So I joined¬† the club and played the games too…

Vampire wars was the first game I played on Facebook. On my own¬† I learned how it works by researching strategies. I even joined groups and add some users whom I really don’t know just to get my clan growing and be able to withstand the other¬† vampires attacking me…At first it was fun, getting bounties, killing vampires with one attack only. But some users tend to be very personal, and they will just hitlist those who took the bounty laid on them. There were times that I had headache when playing it instead of me having a fun time.

But, it did not stop me from playing. Everyday, I tried to improve my skills and increase my ratings…So while playing vampire wars, a friend of mine told me to play Farm Town too…and boy I was addicted to it easily. It’s very different to vampire wars because it is more of a laid back game…plowing, planting, harvesting, and¬† visiting other farmers and the market. And you can even start your own farm from scratch…I learned too that some other celebrities played farm town.

It did not stop me from playing other games–like the Pirates, castle thing and a lot more…Then I¬† was hooked again with a new game–the Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is like Vampire Wars (since they were made by Zynga)…It hurts too when you are being attacked and killed, punched and robbed…But this game, puts you on a role playing that you can be a boss or a mafia even just on the net…

Most of the time, these games have always took my time…That even when I’m sick, I try to harvest my fruits/vegetables in order for them not to be wasted…Or too see how much I earn…or who attacked me again… If I’ll rank the games that I really liked and¬† played –Farm Town would be first, Vampire Wars second, third is Mafia Wars and fourth the Pirates…I don’t play other than these four on facebook right now…

They have the pros and the cons… It’s up to the players how to handle the pressure of this online games… They are just games…so let’s just play the games…