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Noynoy and Binay to Rule the Philippines

I’m just glad that Noynoy and Binay won the presidential and the vice presidential race.  I’ve posted last year that I want those two guys to rule our country for the next six years and I’m happy that they were the chosen ones. Although it was a landslide for Noynoy, the former senator and the only son of a former president and a hero on the Philippines, winning by more than 5 million votes compared to Estrada, it cannot be said to Binay’s victory. It was a close  fight between Mar Roxas and Jojo Binay for the vice presidential race, with a little of 700, 000 votes to get the slot, Binay was proclaimed. But there was a question about the 2.6 million votes for the vice president that were considered as null votes. I think those votes should be reexamined because there is a possibility that Mar can win through those votes. But those votes that were considered null might be because  of the wrong shading on the ballot or the PCOS machine cannot read them. Maybe some of the voters did not follow the ways on how to properly shade those circles on the ballot. It was a waste of time for casting a vote that cannot be counted. Maybe next time the voters should make it a point to follow the instructions.

Now that we have our new President, we wish that things will change. Can we call Noynoy the Father of the Philippines for he is the president now when he is not really a family man? I don’t know if it is an advantage for a country to be ruled by a bachelor for he is a bachelor at 50 —indeed he is now the most eligible bachelor in the land to covet for the ladies out there!

President Noynoy, we know that you can’t make miracles but we wish to see the Philippines doing fine and please follow your slogan–No to Corruption! Make the Philippines like Singapore or Japan maybe… Or for the NOYBI tandem make the whole Philippines like Makati City. Hah! Wishful thinking on my part but I wish it just the same. Better Philippines for the next 6 years please…


Noy-noy and Binay for me

This coming 2010 elections in the Philippines, as of now things are being clearer for me as a voter…my choice is Senator Noy-noy for President and Makati Mayor Binay for Vice President. Why? Eventhough they are from different parties, I like their individuality, and their stand. I never went straight voting for a single party. I don’t like Mar. He does not appeal to me in any aspect. Chiz was my number 1 senator on the last election. But now, Chiz is full of negativity, he is always saying negative things. He is full of flowery words, why not just say it straight? I don’t like speeches that is similar to feature articles or writings. Loren Legarda and Joseph
Estrada are a big NO- NO! Loren has two faces. Well that is what politics is, changing sides. As for Erap, this is not a movie that needs a sequel. Philippines does not need gamblers. We need concrete plans. And Manny Villar, I think if he will win his businesses will always be on his lists of priority.

I hope Filipinos will be able to choose the right President, not just based on emotions…Let us pray for the future of our country.