I wrote this on my other site last Oct 23, ’08 10:41 AM as a Michael Jackson fan. The message is a little bit of emotional, I think…

Never did I thought that something strange would happen  to him and that he would die…I was one of those who were sad when he passed away…  I decided to repost here this little letter of mine…

To all haters of Michael Jackson—- get yourself a garbage bag and zip yourself in because no matter what you say against Michael, undeniably nobody can beat what he has done for the music industry. He is the ultimate genius. He defined what MTV is (because of his revolutionary Thriller video)! I think it should be name as Michael Jackson Television.


It has been his glorious years— during the 80’s and 90’s, but sadly with what has been happening and what has happened against him, truly I am sad. He influences most of the artists today with his music, dance moves, clothes and just about him– Michael’s charm. Girls passed out during his concerts. Everybody screaming all over the concert areas! The energy is always high. Thriller, Billie Jean, Bad, Beat it, Black or White and Heal the World are just some of his greatest hits that will always be on the music history for their greatness.

But, with his look now, his nose and his facial structure has terribly gone bad, I pity him. If I have the power in my  hands, I will undo with what has happened with his body. His vitiligo disease, which have caused his skin patches that in turn made him to make his skin white in order to hide ’em, has destroyed our old Michael. But still, has his vitiligo really destroyed his nose that it took him to make those surgeries? He could have hired great surgeons to make the nose real pretty.  Those child molestation cases, I think it is just for money.  I don’t think Michael did it (this is my opinion, so you Michael haters and fags, leave him alone!)

Michael you are still the King of Pop! Your greatness will live forever.


To you Michael Jackson, may you rest in peace…