Saudi Arabia is so rich that their King Abdullah has ordered a SR1 Million (that is about PhP13, 000, 000–that’s a lot of money 😀 )  aid to the families of every individual who died in the recent flooding in Saudi Arabia. As of this writing, there are 106 people who are confirmed dead and that they are still expecting the numbers to increase.

Although money can’t compensate to the lives that were taken away, but it will be a big help to the grieving family. We didn’t expect that this flooding will happen to a very rich nation where we thought that their drainage and sewerage  systems are of high quality as compared to the Philippines which experienced also the most notable floods in its history.

So what is happening right now to the victims of Ondoy in the Philippines? Is the government still thinking of them? Or are they too busy thinking and implementing their strategies for their political plans? Will there be a time that the Philippine government will be able to  give a big aid like what Saudi is about to give?

Maybe these recent turn of events–these calamities and environmental problems are caused by the global warming.  One day, we might be living underwater… Let’s do our share…help and you will be helped.